About Linda
Copyright 2016 Linda C Kish

Linda Kish is a photographer and graphic designer, who is a native of Southern California, with a passion for photographing New York and New Orleans. Prior to Hurricane Katrina Linda and Mona took annual trips to New Orleans. New Orleans is quite the polar opposite of California with New Orleans being rich in history, that Linda has spent several years documenting. Linda was fortunate to shoot photos that was featured in the book “America 24/7 – Louisiana”.

Linda has been a photographer for most of her life, spending a great deal of time working in darkrooms, until a decade ago. Digital technology has changed her methodology, as well as, her ability to manipulate photos. Her web site, www.youvebeenkished.com is a name used when she created greeting cards. As a child she was always teased by her last name, but as an adult has embraced it and enjoys using it.

Exhibitions include:

Out in NoHo, at the NOHO Gallery LA in North Hollywood, CA

WOMAN, at the NOHO Gallery LA in North Hollywood, CA

Visual Soul, at the James Brown Music Festival in Augusta, Georgia

Benefit for Hurricane Katrina Victims, at the Mackey Gallery, Houston, Texas

Orange County Fair 1st Place Winner several years running, Costa Mesa, California

Featured Artist, at The Art Fix International